Wild Love is created by hand in New Zealand by Naturopath and Medical Herbalist Louise Garland.

It all started when I made a jar of Kawakawa healing balm for a medicine making class at Naturopathic College.  I gave it to a friend who said it really helped her eczema and asked if I could make some more, so I did and the word spread.  To this day the balm continues to sell itself through a reputation it has gained for being no less than magic in a jar.  It is absolutely amazing for pretty much all skin complaints, but also it's a beautiful product to use day to day as your skin requires.  Through this balm I have learned the incredible art of Rongoa Maori (traditional Maori medicine) and I have the uttermost respect for our native Kawakawa.

I love that through my products people learn about herbal medicine and the amazing way it impacts their body.

My tea range started with Damiana, a beautiful herb that is grown and used throughout Mexico and Central and South America, with early documented use by the Mayan people.  When researching this fascinating plant I found that it had been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, but also as a general tonic for the nervous system, particularly of benefit when people are tired or depressed.  Love Tea is a blend of Damiana, Hibiscus petals and green tea.  It has a beautiful rose hue created from the hibiscus, which has traditionally been used to regulate fluid balance, improve skin conditions, support healthy circulation, improve digestive issues and promote overall health.  Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful positive effects on the body.

Next I thought it would be fun to create a tea that supported brain function, again using a herb that isn't seen a lot in herbal teas, Ginkgo Biloba.  Ginkgo has long been known to stimulate brain cells to increase mental sharpness.  The tea also incorporates Lemon Balm and green tea into the blend.  Lemon Balm brings a delicious lemony flavour to the tea and is known to improve attention, cognition and memory, and promote relaxation of the nervous system; and antioxidant rich green tea supports overall brain health.

The third edition to the Wild Love tea family is Native Tea.  I have a long-standing love affair with our native Kawakawa and so it was only natural to create a tea using my all-time favourite herb.  Kawakawa is an incredibly powerful plant that we are very lucky to have here in NZ.  A tea made from the leaves has been used by Rongoa practitioners for many ailments including digestive and circulatory complaints, and also as a blood purifier.  The addition of green tea adds some depth to the brew, which is warming and perfect for any time of the day.

I have since added to the collection;

Sleep Tea, made from the sleep supporting herbs Passionflower, Chamomile, Skullcap and Liquorice.

Nurture Tea and Nourish Tea, therapeutic blends to support during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Baby Balm, a gentle Kawakawa balm with the addition of Calendula.

Wild Love teas are all 100% organic, made in small batches by hand by me.